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So what is Top Trader?

Core and key features

Top Trader is a game based on Online Trading. It allows the players to compete against each other, and not against the market as in the traditional platforms. The races can be stand-alone or organized in tournaments, the fees start from € 1 and prizes are related to the number of participants.

Finance joins Gambling

Online Trading and Gambling are banding together! Take the fascination and the potential earnings of Online Trading, add the tournaments and the skin model of Poker, and put them together with the low fees and the audience of Gambling industry. The result is right Top Trader!

A new way to trade

Online Trading, due to its nature, has always been close to the financial world, with its too much seriousness and little accessibility. We have finally changed the rules, changing look of this fascinating activity and offering to the world a completely new way to trade financial instruments.

Ok, but why should I offer Top Trader to my clients?

One of Top Trader’s main goal is drastically increasing the people interested in Online Trading. And how can we do this? Simple, decreasing the entry level spending.

Nowadays dozens of millions people are actively trading online, and about 1 in every 5 people is interested in the activity. Online trading platforms have managed to shift focus from traditional financial hubs and have made it easier for anyone to access the financial markets.

Recent market figures show that the trend has a strong growth, and what could happen if the entry-level fee drops from few thousands of Euros to just 1 Euro? Exactly what you’re dreaming, you can significantly increase your user base with millions of new players.

Let’s speak about numbers, how many people are interested in Online Trading?


112 MILLION people
interested in trading

South America
43 MILLION people
interested in trading

437 MILLION people
interested in trading

Central America
22 MILLION people
interested in trading

4.2 MILLION people
interested in trading

North America
55 MILLION people
interested in trading

43 MILLION people
interested in trading

All these people could be your customers!

I’m almost convinced… why Top Trader has a great appeal?


We strive to offer the world’s best charts. Our platform is intuitive for beginners, yet has everything advanced traders could wish for. Whether a player wants to look up the latest forex price, or analyze complex price patterns with lengthy scripts, we’ve got him covered.

Our platform comes with more than 50 smart drawing tools and a set of features for in-depth market analysis, covering the most popular trading concepts.

  • ✔ 100+ prebuilt most popular indicators
  • ✔ Advanced price scaling
  • ✔ Candlestick patterns recognition
  • ✔ Custom indicator templates
  • ✔ Multi-timeframe analysis
  • ✔ Compare symbols
  • ✔ Auto Fib Retracement
  • ✔ And much more!


TopTrader has a strong appeal both for newbies and expert traders thanks to low fees and high prizes offered. The entry-level fee is just 1 €, or the equivalent in local exchange, and it allows to aim a wide audience of potential customers. The prize, being linked to the number of players in a specific race, can be thousands of Euros, changing the earning / risk ratio of the traditional online trading.

It’s not necessary to finish first to win a prize either, it’s enough ending in the predetermined range, so the players can be rewarded even ranking tenth or twentieth! It’s also possible to get a prize with a negative performance, something that cannot happen in the traditional online trading. And if you want to go for the big fish, there are the big events: special races with high entrance fees and even higher prizes, perfect to target the more professional traders.


A player can create his own race or join an existing one. This allows to create custom events, boosting the social effect and allowing to challenge friends. If he wants to create a custom race, he can choose:

  • ✔ Rebuy (RBY) feature
  • ✔ Number of players
  • ✔ Market (Symbol)
  • ✔ Price
  • ✔ Minimum number of trades
  • ✔ Duration

And how can I manage it?

Events and Calendar

Our user-friendly and intuitive back-office allow you to monitor and to manage all the past and upcoming races. For each event you can check the number of registrants, the players who played, the operations closed and the ranking.

You have also a calendar view, to see all the scheduled events and decide if there is anything relevant you would like to promote. Moreover, each month you have several free-roll races and guaranteed-prize events organized by the network.

Data and Reports

In order to have a full and complete overview of the activity we provide several reports and charts, which help to monitor and consult: all the races with the related players and trades; all the amounts played, lost and won; all the commissions and the sureties.

Here are available also the settlements and the adjustments, all automatically calculated. This is applicable in case of sub-partners as well, easing all the management of the structure.

Users and roles

To provide a full management of each aspect of the product we give the possibility to create more users and give them different roles. The roles are useful to give specific privileges or to hide information.

By default, the following are the roles available:

  • ✔ Administrator
  • ✔ Accountant
  • ✔ Operator

It is allowed as well to create different layers of users and roles, allowing the operators with one or more sub-partners to manage the whole structure in the best way possible.

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